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13 Feb 2017
Today's topic is a huge-degree fraud. Fake degrees are more widespread, easier to get and probably difficult to detect than you think.
What is the degree fraud?
The degree fraud occurs when a person takes a decision to purchase 'proof' that he or she gets a valid degree from a university or college. The person may have gone to the college or university but just not finished the education due to some reasons, or may have never enrolled in a class. For this purpose, fake degree transcripts can be easily obtained by paying a price for them.
A simple online search will turn up multiple websites that provide fake degrees or diplomas. A person can simply enter his name, address, required degree, and college or university name. He or she will get a fake degree in a few weeks later at given address. These degrees look authentic but are fully fraudulent. In addition to this, some of these websites sell entire fake transcripts, complete with grades and classes. 
Degree fraud is a very huge business. A recent search showed that more than 100,000 fake degrees are sold each year in the U.S. alone.

In the present economic climate, job seekers are strongly competing with one another for any open position in a company or organization. It is very true that spend several hundred dollars for a fake degree is much easier and less time consuming in comparison to spending thousands of dollars and a number of years for getting an actual degree from a university or college.
The penalty of hiring a candidate with a fake degree or diploma can be dreadful to a company's goodwill.
The person may not have the effective working skills that would have been obtained within the assignments of an actual degree. Hiring the candidates who do not know what they are doing can cost a company big-time.
Everyone has seen the news on the news channels of a high-level executive being exposed for faking his degree. Uncovering an employee publicly who lied about his qualifications is tremendously detrimental to an organization’s reputation. It takes years to get the reputation back.
The person with fake credentials may also prove as the dishonest person for the company.  What is stopping them from committing other fraudulent e.g. stealing money, company’s secrets etc. 
What organizations can do to protect themselves from these fraud people?
Business companies need to be aware of the situation. The first step is to know that the fake degrees or diplomas are floating around out. Look at any claim of education with carefully. Verify dates the degree was allegedly obtained, and compare them with the dates of employment and address information. 
If the vacant position in the organization requires a degree, take the extra time to check the professional background and also verify the education. A reputed background examiner will be able to strongly verify the school. 
It is also very important to put necessary measures in place to minimize the risk of hiring a candidate who is actually unqualified for a vacant position. 


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