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23 Jan 2017
A diploma mill is an organization that provides fake college diplomas or degrees or other education certifications which require no academic study. The diplomas or degrees provided by diploma mills are fake or unrealistic which are not accepted in the job market. You may not just have any problem to utilize the fake diploma or degree in helping in your career, it may put you into a law sue case if employers found that you are holding a fake diploma or degree to apply for their job vacancy and they can take a legal action against you.
It's not good for you to put your future in risk by getting a fake college diploma or degree from a diploma mill. You must avoid these fake diploma provider mills with your best effort, but sometimes it is very difficult to make a difference between the legal education institution or college and diploma mill. You must need to recognize such types of fraud diploma mills to save your future. 
You need to be highly alert to the certification Information of such diploma mills. In the present time, not only legal schools or colleges claim certification, diploma mills are also promoted their education

 programs with certification attached. So, it is not sufficient to just knowing that the school or college of your selected education program is certified. You also need to ensure that you are not getting a fake college diploma or degree.  
You should need to search for more details to find out which accrediting firm that performs the accrediting process in the school. Then you need to compare the accrediting firm information with the accreditation database that can be found at the official website of the Council for Higher Education Accreditation. Always make sure that you find the accrediting institution which is listed in the Council for Higher Education Accreditation database. Always be more alert and careful about the accrediting institute name, the fake accrediting agency that accredits diploma mills may register with the same name to a legal certifying institution.
The legal online university or college that provides their diploma or degree programs online must have the physical address of their office. If you see that the online college or university only publishes their address as P.O. Box address, then it should be a fake online college or university for sure providing fake college diplomas or degrees.
It is noticeable that legal and authenticated online colleges or universities commonly charge their tuition fee on a per-course, per-quarter and per-semester basis. But a fake diploma or degree mill will always charge their fee in per-degree basis. This is the major difference need to consider between a legal and fake college and university.  
It is not worth for you to risk your future by obtaining a degree or diploma from a diploma mill. However, occasionally it is difficult to recognize a diploma mill, but if you review a school or college and their online diploma or degree program with awareness, you should be able to avoid it.


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