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20 Jan 2017
The best way to avoiding online diploma or degree frauds is to know your product properly before you buy it. So many fake distance learning websites take benefits of the people who want to learn online. There are two ways of obtaining fake degrees or diplomas yourself. Some websites are doing massive advertisement in the market that they are selling the fake degree or diplomas. These can be avoided very easily if a fake degree or diploma is not what we want. Those people who are ready to take the risk, responsibility and are aware of the possible penalty for buying a fake diploma or degree can cause. The other types of such websites are those that we are after as they are the ones misleading clients who want to have a real diploma or degree. Honestly talk, misleading and falsification are the effective techniques that are used by fake schools or colleges to tempt unaware students by selling them fake transcripts. 
The fake website will probably tell you that it can get you a degree or diploma in a very short span. They may even provide you a free certification of their services, but since they are the ones certifying themselves, this will prove nothing in the way of the company's legality. The website will provide you the packages for different prices. These packages will include a diploma, degree, transcripts, university letterhead and basically anything to make it look legal and authenticated.
If you are searching for online diploma or degree programs, you will probably come across websites that offer life experience degrees. These websites claim aggressively that they can provide you a degree on the basis of your life and work experience. While there are some legal degree and certification programs that allow some credit for work experiences but a whole legal degree based on your experience is a clear case of providing fake transcripts.
Here are some useful tips to pinpoint a degree fraud listed below: 
No contact information is provided: A fake diploma or degree program will never disclose contact information to you. A real online diploma or degree program has advisors and customer service representatives to answer the queries you may have. You trust them to supply you with a quality education in return for a large fee. They should always be available to you for any queries.
The university is not recognized:  Recognized degree programs will always be listed with state or county education affiliations where the college or university is located. If you have not heard of them, you are probably a fly-by-night operation out to get your money.
Some tricky websites really sell fake diplomas and degrees implying there is no need for the costly education when you can get a copy of degree for less cost. You should need to be aware that this is paper forging and is unlawful.
You can’t get a diploma or degree within a few days or weeks. So keep in mind this thing always. 
If the degree is highly affordable, very easy and very fast to get, don't surprise if you lose your money even faster.


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